Excel Dynamic Arrays Straight to the Point 2nd Edtion PDF eBook

Fifteen months after Dynamic Arrays debuted for Office Insiders, the functions are being released to General Availability. This second edition of the book has been updated with new examples: see how Dynamic Arrays make XLOOKUP better. The chapter on the logic behind arrays has been expanded. A new chapter asks Microsoft for the functions that are truly needed to round out dynamic arrays: TOTALSHTOTALSVSTACKSLICESUNPIVOT, and more. See how you could use the FastExcel V4 SpeedTools to add these functions today.

New for Office 365 customers, one single formula sitting in one single cell can return many results. Those extra results will spill into adjacent cells. This is a major change to the calculation engine in Excel. When you first hear of this feature, you might think it is about SORTFILTERUNIQUESORTBYUNIQUESEQUENCE, and RANDARRAY. But dynamic arrays make every Excel calculation function more powerful. Pass a SEQUENCE to another function and Excel will Lift the function to return many results. Learn how to use # and @ in your formulas. In this book, you will learn new terms such as Lifting, Broadcasting, Pairwise Lifting, Array Truncation, and why Implicit Intersection was the culprit in making the old Ctrl+Shift+Enter formulas so hard. Plus, you will never need to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter again.

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